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Our History


Debating Society Roots Millennium welcomes you all to the third edition of the Millennium Model United Nations!
Throughout the years MMUN has been home to the most skilled and distinguished orators of Pakistan, and has unremittingly delivered excellence in debating, along with uncompromising quality that remains unrivalled to this date. By upholding the celebrated legacy with the same fervor, we present to you an evolution of the renowned conference: MMUN ’14.
Taking place in the heart of the scenic city of Islamabad, M’MUN is surely the who’s who of MUN conferences in the twin cities.
Since its inception in 2012, M’MUN has strived to provide the youth of the twin cities a platform they can use to have their voices heard. A platform where they can debate and feel genuinely pleased to have had done so. A platform free of judgment and bias. A platform straight out of home.
All M’MUN conferences have strived to inculcate in the debater a sense of belonging; a sense that he or she belongs. The atmosphere of the committee sessions is always conducive for debate and delegates have always unleashed their true potential on the floors. Of course, this has always been achieved because of relevant selection of issues by highly professional chairs. Indeed, only when one is well acquainted with the topic at hand can one harness one’s true wherewithal.
M’MUN has always been a trailblazer when it comes to social events. While other conferences can only provide the delegates with lackluster events, M’MUN has always had an arsenal of dazzling social events that shoots competition out of the sky! Be it the electrifying concerts or the thematic dinners, M’MUN has always been miles ahead of the rest.
M’MUN has always had a retinue of extremely focused millennials as its core team. The proficiency of the team is no secret by now; proficiency comes with the Millennial tag. The team has always been highly accessible and approachable by one and all and has always been ever ready to lend a helping hand.
So, without further ado, let us invite you to the floor. Our doors are open. Come join us now!



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