Event dates: 13th-15th November. Registration and payment deadline: 6th November


Our History

Our executive council, debating society and the rest of our host team welcomes you to the fourth installment of the MMUN: The MMUN ‘15!

Throughout the years the MMUN has been home to one of the most skilled and distinguished orators Pakistan has ever known and has unremittingly delivered excellence in debating, along with uncompromising quality that remains unparalleled to this date.

Taking place in the heart of the scenic city of Islamabad, the MMUN, since its inception in 2012, has strived to provide the youth of the twin cities with a platform they can use to have their voices heard. A platform not only free of judgment and bias but also a platform where they will debate and feel genuinely pleased to have done so—a platform straight out of home.

All the MMUN conferences have strived to inculcate in the debator a sense of belonging; a sense that he or she belongs. The atmosphere of the committee sessions is always conducive for debate and delegates have always unleashed their true potential on the floors. Of course, this has always been achieved because of relevant selection of issues by highly professional chairs. Indeed, only when one is well acquainted with the topic at hand can one harness one’s true wherewithal.

The MMUN has always been a trailblazer when it comes to social events. While other conferences can only provide the delegates with lackluster events, the MMUN has always had an arsenal of dazzling social events that shoots competition out of the sky! Be it the electrifying concerts or the thematic dinners, the MMUN has always been miles ahead of the rest.

So why should the MMUN ’15 be any different?  Well, it shouldn’t.

So what are you waiting for?

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